Gear Part 3

So you’ve had a good sleep, worked hard all day, and are finally at the end of a hard 5 day cycle and you’re ready for some down time. Nights off are spent doing what ever you want: chilling, relaxing, drinking, socializing, playing music… choose your own adventure! Depending on how close you are to town, nights off can often consist of a trip to a crappy motel, and partying at the local watering hole. A good way to decompress after a week of hard work, these nights out can fun, but also costly costly. If you have come planting to pad your bank account, you will probably want to limit the amount of in town nights.
Days off usually consist of sleeping in… sort of, packing the crew in the truck and heading into down for a big breakfast, laundry, email checking, maybe hitting the pool (if there is one), and all around chilling and relaxing.

A few things to consider when packing about days off:

Town clothes. Though we will be living in the wild, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to look it. Your everyday clothes will function just fine, though there is an unspoken assumption that in-camp relaxing clothes are allowed to be as crazy as you want.

Bathing suit and towel.
Laundry bag (or some kind of bag to haul your dirty clothes around)
Comfortable shoes
Anything else you require to relax


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