Gear Part 1

Tree planting gear is as much a personal preference thing as anything else. Comfort, functionality, and durability are king when it comes to what gear to choose. This post will provide advice to keep in mind when selecting which gear you bring. I like to break down the planting experience into what I consider the 3 things you will be doing with your time: SLEEPING, WORKING, and RELAXING.

We start with SLEEPING because it is probably the most important tool you have to keeping your self healthy and sane in the bush. If you are not getting good quality sleep at night, everything (and everyone) else will suffer.

The nights at the beginning of the spring contract (and most of the summer for that matter) will drop below freezing. Gear that is essential to keeping you warm while sleeping consists of:

2 winter rated sleeping bags, one to go inside the other
Warm blanket
Long underwear
Wool socks
Comfortable pillow
Sleeping bag liner (Much easier to wash than a whole sleeping bag, especially after a hard week when you were too tired to shower)
Air mattress (Note: This must be insulated from the ground somehow. A cheap foamy on top of an air mattress will stop the cold from creeping through your mattress.)

Also, the size of your tent will determine how warm you are at night. A smaller tent hold the heat better, but may become a pain in the ass after having to get dressed with a hunch back all season. Conversely, a big tent will give you lots of space, but you’ll need extra warm sleeping bags, and maybe more blankets.

Other things to think about for sleeping time:

Flashlight, I prefer a head lamp, it’s easier for middle of the night pees.
Easily accessible toilet paper
Book(s), Ipod, etc.


One Response to Gear Part 1

  1. umatty d says:

    if i go treeplanting.. do i get a cool nickname like you.. and this blog is very helpfull thank you for taking the time to do it for all of us considering to tree plant.

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